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Step into a personalized space designed to ignite your imagination and guide you through the journey of commissioning artwork for your home or office.  Here, you will see photos of my work displayed in people's homes, in-depth descriptions about my work and process, as well as individual pieces with their description.

Flores Sin Fronteras - By combining marble dust (pulverized marble stone) and pearl ink, a sort of fresco plaster can be made.  That plaster is then sculpted onto the canvas using an impasto knife.  The entire piece at that point lacks shadow, texture, and grain so liquid asphaltum (heavy patina) is painted over the whole piece to highlight the negative space.  While whipping the asphaltum from the flowers, the background is sprayed with alcohol and mineral spirits in a watermarked effect.  Resin is applied at the end to protect the sculpture.
Plata - This silver series is an expression of freedom and movement, that starts out as a rigid, industrial slab.  Silver active paint (contains silver solids) is layered onto the canvas so that it resembles a chrome mirror.  Fresco flowers are sculpted atop the silver paint.  Liquid asphaltum is applied to the flowers, and the silver paint--when alcohol and minerals spirits are sprayed onto the canvas the silver active paint and the liquid asphaltum fight for the top position, which is the cause of the movement in the background.  The colored vein is enamel mixed with ceramic pigment.
rainbow tryptich.jpg
Sculpi - The abstract series that takes our fresco plaster (marble dust combined with oils, inks, and acrylics) and applies a more academic, rigorous, and methodical application of the material.  Six different colors are sculpted onto the canvas in a rigid layer, those colors are layered with their contrasting color, and after six layers of contrasting colors and texture the piece looks as if it has 50 layers of fresco plaster.  The canvas is primed with pearl ink, which gives a back-lit effect.
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